Nikki Bella and Jhon Cena

Nikki Bella and Jhon Cena , they are both are a wrestler. Nikki Bella and Jhon Cena decided to marry after 1 month later of their relationship.
After won the 33 match of WWE on April 2, 2017, John Cena proposed Nikki Bella with a diamond ring .and this video upload in the Chanel named the Bella twins’    for the question of there you tube fans. In the spot someone asked her . do you marry in Smackdown life. but Bella said him that they don’t get and decision about this.

Nikki Bella also said that if she wanted to get married in front of WWE universe it was the aim of WrestleMania for that she doesn't do this and she said this in a video.

If this is the first marry of Nikki Bella, but Jhon Cena was married in 2009-2012.

John Cena and Nikki Bella have not yet fixed the date for the wedding, but Bella said in June 2017. But Cena says that this event will probably happen in the next year.

And Bella says she does not want to get married much larger. Which means he wants to invite 150 guests. 

The video linked also give there if you are want

When Jhon Cena proposed Nikki Bella in front of people this time Nikki Bella got so much happy and hug Jhon Cna and also lip kiss him . this time Jhon Cena also so much happened to hug Nikki Bella.