Nikki Bella Net worth

Nikki Bella Net worth:
Last 2 years Nikki Bella was the head of female department now the doing the life of Smack down and also qualified female worked  of blue brand, last year Nikki Bella with her sister Brie Bella become one of the famous wrestlers. Her 2nd  reigned going 301 days and also officially give her the recognition of longest reigned of championship history.

Nikki Bella is an American wrestler, with a net worth of $ 1.5 million currently. And her sister Brie Bella's current net worth is $ 90,500 USD. Nicole Bella, also known as Nicole Garcia-Colors, was born on 21 November in San Diego, California. They have 2 sisters Nikki Bella and Brie Bella everyone known as Bella Twins. His sister Brie Bella's current net worth is $ 90,500 USD. The dream of Nikki Bella was that they would be a big football player. But his dream was not fulfilled for a small accident.

After this modeling gave this era. In 2006, participated in WWE.  But this time she was not selected. The next year was invited to join the development league. She also dating with John Cina and they wanted to marry each other. Jhon Cena’s personal net rate is $35 million dollar

Nikki Bella and her sister made a strong brand among the wrestling world. Nickie Bella provided wrestling for several brands before WWE divas championship, and Nikki Bella was presented as a guest of the MTV show Radicaslisse. And he is seen in numerous magazines. He is seen in the upcoming movie "The Flinstones" in a movie.

And now Nikki Bella gets the highest salary of active female winners of the WWE and earns more than the highest paid female rivals. She earns more than $ 400,000 per year and includes bonuses.

However, Nikki Bella's net virtual receipts of nearly 1.5 million in 2012, earned him nearly $ 135,000 from double sides. And Nikki Bella feared that he was able to earn extra money in the off-season. And he took the decision to develop his career.