Nikki Bella ,Twitter

I hope everyone is good. I would like to tell you about Nikki Bella's Twitter profile today. You all know that Nicky Bella and Brianne Bella are two twin sisters. And on Twitter, they have a profile named Nikki & Brie. And their profile will be varied. And their profile opened in November 2008.
They have 2948 + photos and videos on this profile. And this profile has 21585+ tweets. And following 847, followers 3.38m (3381942), and like 25.2k (25180). nikki & brie These profiles share some happy moments with us.

Only this profile is Nikki Beller and a Twitter profile.
And the name of that profile is Nikki Bella.
Nikki Bella opened her profile in March 2015.
Nikki Billa and the profile are not berried. This profile has 558+ photos, videos, and GIFs. And her profile has 1855+ tweets. And following 671, followers 7737, and like 3772. nikki Bella This profile shares some happy moments with us. Nikki Bella is at her profile Pictures share 358+, and share 40+ videos, and share GIF 140+.
Nikki Bella has a video pinned twitter in her profile. This video is the first of his profile, and this video is the most likes, retweeted and replayed in his video of 2:20 sec. And he uploaded this video on May 18 / May / 2017.
Nikki Bella's profile featured 82+ likes in one of her pictures. And his profile is the most liked by this picture, all of them. And he uploaded this image to his profile, on November 7/16/017, on this date, he liked this picture in just 5 days.

Hope everyone will like the post. Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, and john china  Thank you for all the information about them.